1. Does the Genie TLC Bra have hooks or wires? Absolutely not! The Genie TLC Bra is 100% hook and wire free.

2. Is the Genie TLC Bra seamless? Yes! The Genie TLC Bra is a seamless, easy-to-step-in design.

3. Can I adjust the straps? The Genie TLC Bra is designed with breakthrough hidden lifting straps that run independently inside outer comfort straps. Simply adjust the hidden lifting straps for more or less lift.

4. How is the hidden strap different than a traditional bra strap? In a traditional bra, adjusting the straps can cause them to dig in or become too loose and fall down. The Genie TLC Bra eliminates these problems because you only have to adjust the inner strap. The outside strap doesn’t move, giving you perfect, stay-put comfort all day long.The hidden strap design is also an added benefit for women with different-size breasts. You can adjust one side higher or lower and still achieve a perfectly balanced shape on both sides.


1. How do I find my size? We recommend buying the Genie TLC Bra in the same size as your usual bra size. If your current bra size is 36B, your Genie TLC Bra size is 36A/B. If your current bra size is 40C, your Genie TLC Bra size is 40C/D. Not sure about your bra size? Read our Sizing Guidelines.

2. I like my bras to fit snugly. What size do you recommend? We recommend going down one band size and up one cup size from the bra size you usually wear.

For example: If your current bra size is 34B and you would like a snugger fit, choose Genie TLC Bra size 32C/D. If your current bra size is 42D and you would like a snugger fit, choose Genie TLC Bra size 40DD/DDD.

3. Is the Genie TLC Bra full coverage? The Genie TLC Bra’s breakthrough fit is unlike any other bra. While the outer layer provides full coverage, the inner lifting layer is designed for lift and shape only, and will not cover the entire breast.

4. Is the Genie TLC Bra supposed to be tight? The first time you wear your Genie TLC Bra, it will feel the tightest. Over the course of the day, your Genie TLC Bra will gently relax. The Genie TLC Bra’s stretch knit material is designed for excellent recovery and will return to its original size and shape, wash after wash.

5. What material is the Genie TLC Bra made out of?

Body: 89% nylon, 11% spandex Inner lining: 87% polyester, 13% spandex

6. Do you have cleaning recommendations? Washing: We recommend washing your Genie TLC Bra by hand or machine washing in cold water on the delicate cycle. Do not bleach.

Drying: Simply hang your Genie TLC Bra to air dry. Do not tumble dry or iron your Genie TLC Bra.

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